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How To Customize Your Moulding

When it comes to the customization of interior design around your home, you don’t have to rely on furniture or decorations, you can customize your home’s architectural elements. The moulding around your home is an opportunity to highlight your interior design style with sophisticated finishes that have a dramatic impact on the design of any room. 

Through different placement, finishes, layering, coordination, and more – you can instantly elevate the design of a room. Knowing what interior design style you gravitate towards and envision for your home will help you to choose from different moulding customizations that are subtle, yet will cause a dramatic impact on the outcome of the design of a room. Here is a guide to a few different moulding customization ideas for uniquely different design styles!

Experiment with interior design style combinations.  

While shiplap paneling is a rustic design feature, crown mouldings are a sophisticated design element. Combinations of these architectural elements can elevate a room to an interior design style that is not just a single note. For example, where shiplap makes a design farmhouse, the combination of shiplap and crown moulding together takes a design from farmhouse to modern farmhouse. Below is an example of how the combination of shiplap, crown moulding, and baseboards can result in a rusticly sophisticated design. 

Embrace bold colors! 

While the idea of detailed moulding and trim is traditional, embracing completely bold colors is a modern style selection that keeps design playful! A statement wall with elaborate paneling, or a monochrome look with painted walls and trim, are unique ways to unexpectedly embrace traditional elements around your home. 

Create contrast. 

Combining timeless charming architectural details with modern colors and finishes is a way to embrace a classic and historic style with a play on contemporary design. Pictured below is the contrast between classic moulding and trim and a coat of neutral yet modern paint color to highlight the architectural details. While classic decor stands the test of time, we live in the modern day where it’s encouraged to embrace your sense of creativity to create a subtle play on a formal style that is more inviting and true to your design taste. Creating contrast creates interest in a design that keeps a room unique! 

While the possibilities of interior finishes are truly endless, we hope these few ideas inspired you to bring back the charm in your home with character-filled touches. Finished Inspirations helps to take the guesswork out of mixing and matching interior finishes by providing inspiring projects from homeowners and DIYers. 

Whether your design is timeless and classic or bold and modern, Finished Inspirations has the products you need to complete your vision throughout each room in your home. Find our moulding, trim, shiplap, and more at your local Lowes Home Improvement.