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Incorporating Parisian Design Into Your Home

After embracing the popular trend of minimalism for many years, homeowners are now shifting their interior design goals towards maximalism. Not necessarily maximalism in terms of owning more and having unnecessary clutter, but maximizing and embracing intricate architectural details throughout the home. 

Parisian design is an interior design style that perfectly incorporates charming architectural details to create a space that is sophisticated, elegant, inviting, and unique. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite interior design ideas to help you incorporate Parisian design into your very own home. 

Floor-to-ceiling wall paneling is the perfect way to use architectural details to add casual elegance to any room. 

Iron rod staircases and balconies give the design a worldly feel that adds contrast through the use of different materials. 

Crown and base moulding are elements you can incorporate to make the room feel elegantly older than it is, adding a historic feel which makes the room feel like it has a story to tell. 

Embrace natural light with neutral paint colors like white, light blue, and light grey. Then add contrast with bold accent colors and jewel tones. 

Wallpaper under architectural details like moulding, trim, and paneling will add historic detailing. 

Frame art and mirrors with trim and use a variety of finishes to add interesting and eye-catching elements that pop around the room. 

Antiques placed around the room like vases, candle sticks, furniture and more will make the room feel well-traveled. 

We hope these ideas from our Finished Inspirations team have inspired you to incorporate and embrace worldly charm in your home with character-filled Parisian touches. No matter your design goals, your local Lowe’s carries the materials you’ll need to complete your vision throughout each room in your home. 

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