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How To Add Character To Any Room With Moulding

Do you know how to elevate a room’s design? One of the most common ways is with moulding!

Moulding not only adds to a room’s vibe but can completely change it too! If you read our last blog, you know there are a variety of different interior finishes, each playing their own part in a room’s interior design. In this blog, we’re talking all things moulding.

There are different types of moulding, all of which are used to add a finishing touch to a room. 

Here are 5 ways to use moulding to accentuate the next room you design:

  1. Statement Ceilings
  1. Add Character To A Wall
  1. Create Dimension
  1. Add Charm & Character
  1. Emphasize A Feature

There truly is endless ways you can use moulding to create your own, unique interior design style. And one of the best parts? It doesn’t matter iIf you’re starting a room from scratch or simply want to upgrade your current one, moulding is an amazing asset to either situation. 

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