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10 Ways to Use Shiplap to Upgrade a Room

rustic shiplap

Shiplap is a classic design that is making a splash in homes across the country and the wooden paneling design can easily transform any space. Shiplap will help you create coastal, modern, or farmhouse interior design vibes for a room. You can use it for unique accent pieces throughout your home to tie together the space.

Here is a list of 10 uses for shiplap in your home to incorporate a more charming, rustic feel.

Statement Barn Door

Easier to install and trendier than pocket doors, sliding barn doors are high in demand right now and instantly add a unique statement to any room. The design is both aesthetically and functionally appealing as it can both tie together and split off a space. You can keep the classic wooden look or paint it to match any room in your home.

Chic Headboard

Shiplap headboards are a trendy statement piece for your home. This design will add a timeless touch to the focal point of your bedroom. Paint it white or blue for an extra pop!

Rustic Bathroom

Shiplap is perfect for bathrooms due to its resistance to moisture and temperature variation. The best part- the horizontal lines instantly make a small bathroom feel and look larger!

Nautical Nursery

Looking for a versatile and affordable baby nursery design? Shiplap can help you create a cute, nautical-themed baby room. This design can be gender-neutral and can easily change with the room over the years as your child grows, so it’s all smooth sailing.

Accent Wall

Shiplap-style accent walls are a popular choice if you’re looking to make your space feel larger. The rustic design pattern will add visual depth and really tie a room together in a fun way. Make it a focal point for positioning furniture, bookshelves, or entertainment centers.

Shiplap Shower

Shiplap showers are an amazing alternative to classic tile and instantly add a fresh feel to your bathroom. This design compliments wooden flooring incredibly and makes for a coastal vibe in your bathroom.

Farmhouse Kitchen

Upgrade your kitchen to a farmhouse feel with shiplap paneling. The tidy, simple design is easy to install and will give your kitchen a charming and cozy vibe. It looks fantastic as a backsplash or you can choose a full wall or ceiling you want to adorn.

Open Up a Hallway

Shiplap is incredible at making a small space seem bigger and is perfect for hallways in your home. The horizontal patterning draws the eyes forward and can feel more open in spaces that may feel tight or cluttered. You can even mix and match thin and thick paneling to create a different style you love!

Focal Fireplace

Fireplaces are a major feature of any home and shiplap helps add to the charm and character of this focal point. You can easily create a warmer, more inviting space by adding shiplap paneling around your fireplace.

An Inviting Foyer

Add a welcoming appeal to your foyer or entryway with shiplap walls. The shiplap can add a texture and visual aesthetic to what might otherwise be an underutilized room in your house. The wood makes it super cozy for your family and inviting for guests.