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Elements of Classic Interior Design Style

Classic Interior Design Style

The Classic Interior Design Style brings feelings of elegance and tradition to any room in your home. Angular, geometric shapes mix with light, neutral color schemes to make any space feel cultured and timeless. The Classic Interior Design style is an ode to the extravagance of the past through its emphasis on ornate detailing and symmetry, achieved through the use of classic materials like marble and quality wood, as well as accents of bronze or silver. If you’re looking to elevate your space and add an air of sophistication, customized trim and molding is a great place to start. With this versatile, yet classic design feature, you will instantly add a welcoming, comforting vibe to your home. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate a modern, yet timeless classic design in your home:


Trim is a common feature in many homes around windows and doors and draws attention to these focal points. You can also use trim to spruce up a room by adding a chair rail in the center of the walls to protect them in high-trafficked areas like a kitchen or dining room. Another favorite trend of ours in classical design style is the incorporation of columns or semi-columns. Add trim to your columns to throw your space back to the opulent past.

Crown Moulding

This feature will have you feeling like royalty in your home with its opulent aesthetics and attention-grabbing components. Crown moulding is the perfect enhancing decor to elevate your space. It is typically installed at the top of a room where the wall meets the ceiling, but can also be used as a focal point of the room if you want to extend it to partially cover your walls.

Custom Build-Ups

If you’re looking to get creative with your trim or moulding, custom build-ups are an excellent feature to consider to add character and depth. This classic design feature looks incredible when extended from baseboards or crown moulding. Another buildup we love is coffered ceilings. Custom build-ups add a touch of elegance and formality and truly give a room a classy feel.