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What is Lattice Moulding?

Most of us likely recognize lattice as a distinctly outdoor design pattern, used to create privacy fences around a yard or deck and walls for gazebos. However, lattice trim is versatile and has also weaved its way into interior design as a classic-modern style. 

Lattice instantly adds depth to any space inside your home. Lattice is different from crown moulding in that it features a small and plain trim style. The typically wooden or bamboo strips are thin, sleek, and painted to your liking. This look is fresh and current and will stand the test of time. When done right, lattice moulding can enhance any indoor or outdoor space! 

Here are a few of our favorite advantages of integrating lattice into your home:

1. Versatility

If you are looking for a multipurpose trim, look no further than lattice! Lattice looks amazing outdoors as a trellis for plants and vines to grow on. Lattice trim also is sleek and classy indoors when used as trim to cover joints and seams. Additionally, lattice moulding looks trendy across ceilings or walls if you want to go for a more dramatic design and set a new vibe in your home.

2. Easy Installation

One of our favorite factors to consider when pondering lattice for your home is its DIY-ability. Remodeling a room on your own? Lattice trim can be easy to install along baseboards, windows, and doorframes to instantly enhance the space and look like it was installed professionally. Looking for an upgrade to your garden? Adding a lattice wall gives a space for your plants to climb on and looks incredible.

3. Cost-Effective

The small, thin strips of wood are a pocket-friendly design feature that you should consider if you want to enhance your space without breaking the bank. You can add window trim, door trim, or chair-rail trim to your home at a low cost. The best part- your home will flow and mesh well together when you incorporate a lattice design throughout!