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5 Stair Baluster Ideas

A staircase can be a focal point of a room if we want it to be. Choosing the right design style for your stairs and balusters can make all the difference when it comes to the vibe of your home. What exactly are balusters, you ask? They serve both functional and aesthetical purposes for your staircase, as they support the handrailing and incorporate desired design patterns. We have compiled a list of our 5 favorite stair baluster ideas to integrate into your home and upgrade your design.

1. Crossbar Tube

The crossbar tube design is ideal for homes with a farmhouse or coastal vibe but can be incorporated anywhere to make a statement to your staircase. This design features horizontal metal balusters which meet wooden cross beams to create a unique encasing around your stairs.

2. Diamond

The diamond design style adds a touch of modernity to your home with its funky geometry. Iron baluster posts are the way to go and you can create a fun pattern for your staircase by incorporating alternating diamond and spindled posts.

3. Florence

The Florence baluster style is sleek, modern, and one of our favorites. Changing your current balusters to iron Florence balusters is a DIY project you won’t regret that will instantly bring your home’s interior design up to date with modern trends. You also have a bit of design freedom in how you choose to organize the posts, as you can alternate the spindle positions.

4. Cable Staircase

Simplicity is complex, as they say. This ultra-modern staircase design is achieved with horizontal cables that attach to the vertical posts along your stairs. Cable balusters are unparalleled in strength and more secure than other materials. Additionally, they are easier to install than more traditional balusters. The DIY-ability mixed with the trendiness of this staircase makes it one of our must-haves.

5. 1800s

The name of this baluster design speaks for itself. The 1800s baluster style is a classic interior design feature seen in many traditional home staircases. If you want to go for a more timeless, wooden look in your home, then these balusters are an excellent option as you can paint them to match your home’s vibe. Not to mention, this style looks incredible with carpeted stairs.

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