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Craftsman Design Spotlight

Homeowners who crave warmth and balance need to look no further than Craftsman design styles. The elements of Craftsman interior design reflect easy sophistication as they fuse form and function together inside your home through the use of natural materials, harmonizing with the outside world. Open floor plans, horizontal lines, and neutral colors blend together to showcase beauty and durability in Craftsman-style homes. We have compiled a list of our favorite Craftsman design features. 

1. Built-In Furniture

Built-in designs are functional and fashionable. From bookshelves to window reading nooks, the crafty feel of built-in furniture can add an air of uniqueness to any space in your home. We love the utility of added storage space as well as the opportunity it gives you to showcase your personality in your home. Don’t forget the do-it-yourself ability of built-in furniture; DIY a built-in and instantly increase the value of your home. Complete the design with custom trim or crown moulding as pictured here.

2. Natural Materials

One of the landmark features of craftsman design styles is the use of natural materials. Think shiplap, wooden floors, and accent pieces. The horizontal lines of wooden floors and shiplap walls do wonders for making a space feel larger and really incorporate the arts and crafts style of Craftsman interior design. These elements look incredible when paired with exposed beam ceilings or stone fireplaces. Further accentuate your space with wooden end tables or oak benches to bring the whole room together. 

3. Moulding, Trim, and Build-Ups

Choosing the right crown moulding and trim will elevate your space to new heights. Craftsman design often features wide trim around windows and doors, and many homeowners choose to paint these various colors to flow with the room. The angular, geometric edges bring a sense of depth and dimension to your home, framing each room in a unique way. Complement your trim with a lattice custom build-up as pictured here, which features thin strips of trim that partially cover a wall.

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