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Crown Moulding: Should it be Painted the Same Color as Your Walls?

To paint or not to paint. That is the question. Whether you’re installing new baseboards or crown moulding, or you are looking to spruce up your outdated trim, paint is a great option for a decorative touch. There are considerable reasons to paint trim the same color as your walls and there are plenty of reasons to change it up as well. We have compiled a list of advantages for each option so that you can make a decision that best fits you and your home!

Advantages of Matching Your Moulding to Your Walls

1. A major upside of painting your crown moulding the same color as your walls is that it can make your room feel larger. Using identical paint colors will visually open your space by blending lines and giving your room a softer feel. Additionally, when you paint your baseboards, walls, and crown moulding all the way up to the ceiling, you get the added perception of height. 

2. Achieve a minimalist, yet elegant look by painting over old trim. This is especially important if you have ornate crown moulding that maybe doesn’t fit the vibe of your house anymore. If you want to blend aesthetics that don’t match, painting your trim and moulding the same color as your wall will give a uniform appearance and camouflage any stand-out trim to give a more clean, modern look.  

3. Another advantage of matching your trim to your paint is that you can easily cover and hide imperfections. Touch-ups are easier because you have a uniform color and don’t need to go hunting down the right shade when you notice a chip or blemish! You also won’t need to worry about taping off your trim to get the lines and edges perfect, because they will be the same color.

Advantages of Painting Your Moulding a Different Color Than Your Walls

1. One of our favorite features of different color walls and trim is that you can easily make windows and doorways pop. You can use crown moulding or custom build-ups to draw visual attention to any specific point in your room by creating this contrast of colors. 

2. Wall protection is a major advantage of baseboards and trim. If you have lighter-colored walls in high trafficked areas in your house, such as the kitchen and living room, you may want to consider a darker shade for your baseboards and trim. These areas constantly have people and objects bumping into them, and the right paint shade can help mask those little imperfections from wear and tear while still maintaining a brighter wall tone.

3. Another upside of contrasting walls and trim is that you can let your personality shine through your decor. Mismatching your crown moulding, trim, and baseboards gives you an opportunity to personalize your space through colors of your choice. It is so easy to DIY this with the right can of paint, or you can purchase pre-painted trim in the shade of your choosing! This looks amazing when incorporated with the trend of custom built-in furniture such as bookcases, picture frames, or shoe racks. 

In the end, there are plenty of points to consider when deciding to paint or not to paint your trimming. The choice is yours! Inspire with us your finished designs by tagging #finishedinspirations in your social media posts!