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5 Reasons You Need Moulding For Your Hardwood Floors

If you’ve recently made the switch from carpet to hardwood floors, you might be wondering what type of trim is going to be the best match for your new flooring. We are here to tell you that molding is the way to go! Check out our top 5 reasons why you need molding to compliment your hardwood floors. 

1. Enjoy a Neat and Tidy Aesthetic

A major advantage of incorporating molding is that it gives you a seamless transition from the walls to the floors, giving your room a clean and polished look. You can create a uniform look throughout by also adding crown molding around doors, windows, and staircases. This will inevitably upgrade your space and add to the appeal of your hardwood floors. 

2. Protect Your Walls 

When you install molding in high-trafficked areas in your home, you are helping to protect your walls also. This is great for areas like your kitchen or dining room where you may have your hardwood floors. Trim molding creates a buffer between your wall and things like furniture or shoes, thus protecting it from scratches, dirt, and other blemishes. 

3. Create Unity Throughout Your Home

Another benefit you gain when installing molding in your home is that you help your home flow together. If you have different flooring styles throughout your house, the molding will help you attain cohesiveness across your different spaces. Achieve smooth transitions between the hardwood in your kitchen, tile in your bathroom, and carpet in your living room when you incorporate trim molding.  

4. Make Cleaning Easier

Save yourself time and effort! When you install molding at the base of your walls, it sits flush with your hardwood floors. The molding will prevent debris, dust, and moisture from building up as there won’t be a gap between the floor and trim; the seamless transition will make cleaning easier because things won’t gather in any crevices or cracks.

5. Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Perhaps the most important factor you need to consider is the longevity of your hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful, standout features in your home and you want to keep it in good condition. Wood floors react to temperature and moisture in the air and require a bit of space for expansion. By utilizing molding, you can give yourself peace of mind and save yourself from troubles in the future. Molding allows space for expansion while still concealing any gaps. Not to mention, it will keep your floors looking gorgeous for years to come. 

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