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5 Benefits of Pre-Painted Trim and Moulding

Looking to renovate or upgrade your home? Unsure of whether to purchase pre-painted trim or do it yourself? We have compiled a list of the major advantages to utilizing pre-painted trim and moulding so you can save yourself time and effort on research while ensuring you are making the best choice for your home. Don’t forget to share your design inspiration with us by hashtagging #finishedinspirations in your social media posts!

1. Damage Resistant

When you choose to incorporate pre-painted trim or moulding in your home, you will feel confident that you are choosing quality. Everyone wants a long-lasting product that they can keep damage-free for years to come. Pre-painted trim arrives completely intact and is resistant to mildew, mold, and pests. 

2. Easy Maintenance

Why spend more time cleaning than you need to? One of our favorite benefits of utilizing pre-painted trim is the ease of maintenance. Cleaning your trim regularly by removing dust and debris is easy and will help you to protect it from damage for years to come.

3. Easy Installation

Because pre-painted trim and mouldings do not require additional painting, they arrive at your home ready to install. This means less time you need to spend getting your renovation work done. The features of pre-painted trim make installation DIY-able for you. Save money and save time by ordering pre-painted trim and installing it yourself! Be sure to handle the boards with care so you do not damage them before installation. 

4. Design Assortment

A major benefit to choosing pre-painted trim or moulding is that you have access to an assortment of designs to choose from. You will have options for different textures and colors so that you can personalize your space to fit the interior design style of your liking. Pre-paint makes mixing and matching trim and moulding incredibly easy as well. 

5. Long-Lasting

Ease your mind with pre-painted trim and know your investment is protected for years to come. Did you know pre-finished paints can offer protection from the elements for roughly 30 years!? Precise adhesion of the paint to the trimming material means the paint is less likely to flake or peel. You can enjoy the vibe of your space for years to come without being concerned about temperature or humidity damage.