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Modern Design Spotlight

Modern interior design style harmonizes the comfort of your inner world with the beauty of the natural outdoors. The incorporation of neutral-colored walls and textures combined with open, natural lighting produces a minimalist vibe that will stand the test of time. Clean lines, simplistic furniture, and elements of nature complement each other in any space in your home, giving you sophisticated functionality.  Check out this list of our favorite, must-haves for any modern space in your home! Tag us in your social media posts to show us your modern design styles with #finishedinspirations.

1. Neutral Tones

Modern design favors neutral color palletes over bright and funky tones. Think minimalism! Black, gray, white, beige, and pastels are all monochromatic tones that are prominent in modern interior design. The simplicity of these colors makes DIY a breeze.

2. Open Spaces

An open floor plan is a staple in modern design-styled homes and leaves you with a lot of freedom in choosing how you want to set up your space. Furniture can be used to section off or differentiate spaces rather than using a wall, which closes rooms off from each other.  Reposition your couches, tables, or kitchen island when you feel a change coming on!

3. Clean Lines and Minimal Ornamentation

Modern homes steer clear of a lot of the decadent ornamentation seen in classic design styles. Rather modern interior design favors clean, straight lines and minimal decoration. The straight-line design can be utilized architecturally in the form of custom build-ups and trim or you can integrate angles using furniture. Low, long, angular furniture will help you to set the perfect mood in your modern space.

4. Natural, Eco-Friendly Elements

Natural elements have an undeniable character and give any space that certain charm. Wood and leather and the most notable, renewable furniture we tend to see in a modern space. Even exposed piping or metal furnishings are natural, industrial elements that can give your modern space a more rustic feel.

5. Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a favorite feature in any home. It helps you to feel more connected to the outside world from the comfort of your personal space. Imagine big windows that flood your wide-open spaces with natural sunlight. Let the benefits of practicality and functionality brighten your day as you enjoy sunny rooms that cost you less money in energy costs.