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Interior Design Trends We’ll See This Year

With a new year comes a fresh set of interior design trends. One of the most popular buzzwords for 2023 interior design trends is ‘nostalgia’. Last year, we saw a wave of homeowners embracing the “Coastal Grandmother” design style. This was just the tipping point of seeing a generation of homeowners who are ready to embrace the small and unique details that make a home truly feel like home. These small details are often what give a home its defining personality, by letting your unique lifestyle and story shine through the whimsical details. 

These are the design trends to be on the lookout for this year:

Wallpaper: Wallpaper is making a huge comeback with homeowners! Wallpaper is the perfect way to embrace a welcoming and cozy environment while allowing your personality to shine. Wallpaper can be used simply to add texture to a room while still maintaining a neutral color palette, or can be bold and bright with an endless array of unique patterns and colors! No matter how big or small of space you’re decorating, the wallpaper will add instant charm and character that feels timeless.

Bold Colorful Palettes: While neutrals will always be timeless, all neutral homes are becoming a thing of the past. After many years of muted spaces dominating interior design trends, homeowners are ready to embrace color through paint, fabrics, accessories, and more. 

Thoughtful Details: Attention to detail with moulding and trim work are here to stay in 2023! Shiplap, classic crown moulding, frame moulding, baseboards, and more are effective ways to add gorgeous and thoughtful details that act as finishing touches. These touches can easily be added to any room to create a timeless element that makes a home feel seriously charming and inviting. 

Bold Kitchens: Bland kitchens are soon to be a thing of the past. Homeowners are looking to design bolder kitchen designs. After years of neutral-toned minimalistic kitchens, people are ready to embrace this room where so many special memories are made. Homeowners are looking to swap out white and neutral cabinets with black, green, or wood cabinets. Bold kitchen details can also be embraced through light fixtures, tiled backsplashes, unique cabinet hardware, and rugs. 

Kitchens are meant to be used and well-loved, and that will be echoed through fresh kitchen designs in 2023. 

Mixed Eras: As trend cycles begging to accelerate faster and faster, people are finding it desirable to blend designs that give a nod to different eras to create spaces that can’t be time stamped. Whether you are thrifting and upcycling fun new pieces for your home or incorporating family heirlooms that have been passed down through generations, now is the time to embrace your nostalgia through design. 

Embracing Each Room: In 2023, no room is left untouched! People are embracing every nook of their homes. Functional utility rooms, like laundry rooms and mud rooms, have been overlooked in design for many years. Adding touches of design to each room, no matter how big or how small, will create a more cohesive design throughout the entirety of the home. Homeowners work hard to create homes that bring them joy, you don’t want to miss out on that joy when you take trips to the laundry room! These utility rooms are frequently used and deserve a touch of design in 2023. 

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