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10 Ideas To Make Your Staircase a Statement

While stairs are a functional part of your home that see plenty of foot traffic, they also offer the opportunity to make a statement through design. Given the frequency of use, your staircase deserves some attention to add elements of intrigue and luxury. Trim moulding is the perfect material to use to bring your inspired design vision to life.

Here are 10 ideas to make your staircase a statement in your home. 

  1. Install accent moulding. Installing custom-cut millwork will create interest while maintaining balance. You can create one-of-a-kind geometric patterns that create contrast and perfectly suit your design preference. 
  1. Add a shiplap wall. Installing shiplap on the walls surrounding your staircase is the perfect way to create a more structured look that adds sophistication to your staircase. 
  1. Install lights. Installing lights on the steps of your stairs is the perfect way to illuminate your stairs at night to both enhance safety and add a touch of drama that highlights your staircase design. 
  1. Add a chair rail. Typically stairs have a wall on one side and a banister on the other. The addition of a diagonal chair rail brings balance to the staircase and gives you an opportunity to tie in the trim used throughout your home to your staircase as well. 
  1. Outline skirt borders with trim. Installing skirt boards along the steps of your staircase adds dimension to your stairs that both compliments and highlights the sharp angles to create a contrast that provides a luxurious element. 
  1. Add wainscotting. Adding wainscotting along your staircase is the perfect way to add dimension without taking up too much space. Wainscotting adds sophisticated touches that are also inviting and charming. 
  1. Look up! Don’t forget to look up when choosing to design your stairs! Installing shiplap ceilings or interesting light fixtures is the perfect way to add even more character to your statement staircase.
  1. Mix up materials. Try using different finishes and materials, like light wood or iron, to create contrast and interest to your stairs that will make them stand out. You can use different materials on moulding, trim, steps, newel posts, walls, and the railing.
  1. Add paint or wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to play with color! Using bold colors or wallpaper will give your staircase an instant and playful facelift that can cater to your unique sense of design style. 
  1. Install a runner. A rug runner can be added to your stairs to add a luxurious finish that will add texture, color, and pattern. These runners can also easily be changed as your interior design taste changes over time. Not to mention this will help to protect your stairs that are frequently used. 

A staircase refresh makes for the perfect weekend DIY project. If you are looking for inspiration for your staircase, check out our blog or website for a variety of home project ideas! To get started on your project, stop by your local Lowe’s to pick up all of the supplies you’ll need. 

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