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Create “Quiet” Luxury with Crown Moulding

While quiet and understated, crown moulding is something that is instantly noticed when entering a home. Crown moulding has the power of whispering that a home is built with both quality and charm in mind. The difference between rooms with crown moulding and without, is noticeable. We’re breaking down why crown molding can effortlessly, and quietly, create and bring an element of luxury into your home that makes your home truly feel inviting, elegant, and homey. 

This is how crown moulding creates quiet luxury around your home. 

Adds volume.

Crown moulding fills in areas where walls meet the ceiling. When not filled in, this space can feel wide open and even unfinished. With the help of crown moulding, this space and filled and gives an intentional look that feels fuller and finished. 

Incorporates patterns.

Crown moulding comes in a wide variety of patterns, finishes, and shapes. This allows you to thoughtfully add patterns around your home that best suit your personal design style. This will help to round out your design vision from head to toe. 

Hides imperfections.

Small knicks, cracks, and other imperfections can happen in hard-to-reach places. Crown moulding will help to cover up these small, yet noticeable, imperfections. This will instantly elevate the appearance of quality in any room. 

Creates texture.

The texture throughout a home is what makes the home feel cozy and inviting. Crown moulding has the power to quickly and effortlessly add a variety of different textures to your home to create a welcoming environment. 

Enhances charm.

Charm is what makes a house, a home. Crown moulding is historic and classic, making it an elegant finish that looks expensive and unique. 

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