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The Different Types of Moulding and How To Use Them

When it comes to finishing touches around your home, attention to detail makes all the difference. Whether your style is big and bold or minimal and understated, the use of wall finishes and mouldings will enhance the transitions of your walls to ceiling and floor seamlessly – no matter what your design style preference is.

Here is a breakdown of the wall finishes with pictures for easy reference that are available and where you would find them in your home! 

Crown Moulding:

Of all the available mouldings, crown moulding is the most well-known! This moulding is found along where the walls meet the ceiling, often giving a room a regal feel. 

Baseboard Moulding:

Baseboards are wooden trim that are found at the transition from the wall to the floor. These mouldings are usually simple and classic in style. 

Chair Rail:

Chair rails are thin strips of moulding, usually placed around one-third of the wall height from the floor. This wall finish adds a classy touch to any room! 

Picture Rail:

Like chair rails, picture rails are thin. However, they are installed much higher up than chair rails. The purpose of picture rails is to allow you to display paintings and photographs without hammering nails into your walls, while still adding a decorative look.


This moulding traditionally frames windows and doors. Also known as architraves, casings may be quite intricate to highlight a beautiful view or to welcome guests to your home. 

Board and Batten:

This moulding is installed to hide the space between two adjacent wall panels. It gets its name from the makeup of the wall. Boards are lined up edge to edge and the “batten” is a small piece of trim that hides the edges.


Wainscoting is a classic form of decorative wood paneling, which is used on the lower portion of the walls. This versatile trim works well in any room of your house and comes in a variety of popular styles, including shiplap and beadboard.

While the variety of wall finishes available may sometimes feel overwhelming, our Finished Inspirations team has you covered and is here to help! Head over to our blog and Instagram for loads of moulding inspiration that will instantly upgrade your home. 

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