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6 Staircases We’re Obsessing Over 

Design can be incorporated throughout each corner of your home, especially your staircase. Not only is your staircase one of the most frequently used elements of any home – but it’s also an opportunity to make a design statement. Stairs meet the sweet spot between practicality and creative design. 

These are 5 staircases that we’ve been obsessing over lately! 

Timeless and Traditional 

You can never go wrong with a timeless and traditional style. Rich oak flooring and hand railings, elegant white finished wood, and contrasting iron balusters make for a set of stairs that will never go out of style. 

Charming and Sophisticated 

Incorporating classic stair elements along with charming colors and a variety of moulding elements give your staircase a dose of personality that leaves your staircase feeling like the heart of your home.

Modern and Minimalistic

The combination of cable railing and floating steps gives a “barely there” feeling that is both modern and minimalistic, making this staircase perfect for any modern home.  

Industrial and Geometric

Geometric wood patterns and contrasting metal marry to create an industrial-meets-modern staircase design that sparks interest and is sure to make a statement.

Open and Airy 

You can feel the breeze with this fresh and airy staircase! We adore this classic pairing of barely-there blue walls, contrasting hardwood floors, and cable railing that leaves this otherwise tight corner feeling wide open. 

Contrasting and Crisp 

Keeping it simple with contrasting colors and stair parts will always make your staircase eye-catching, no matter what your design preferences are. 

If you are looking for inspiration for your staircase, check out our blog or website for a variety of home project ideas! To get started on your project, stop by your local Lowe’s to pick up all of the supplies you’ll need from Crown Heritage to make a staircase of your own to obsess over.

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