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Shiplap Reimagined and Updated

Since shiplap has been around for a while, it has seen its way through multiple interior design styles. While multiple design cycle trends have come and gone, shiplap has always remained. Since this design element has stood the test of time, proving that it is here to stay throughout the years, we are dreaming up some new and inventive ways to incorporate shiplap into your home!

If you are ready to reimagine and update shiplap around your home, try these shiplap ideas to add instant upgrades to your space! 

Create a dramatic ceiling.

Ship lap can leave the walls! Apply shiplap to your ceiling to add updates and charm to every inch of your home. 

Incorporate a statement wall.

With the help of shiplap, you can add a statement wall to any room in your home. Adding a pop of color will add drama and contrast to create a modern feel. 

Play with color.

Wanting to add color to your home, but not commit to painting an entire room? Try adding elements of painted shiplap throughout your home to add bright pops of color that give a home a cozy vibe. 

Blend textures.

Try incorporating shiplap into kitchens and bathrooms where tile is found. A combination of the variety of textures from the shiplap and tile can add an earthy and organic vibe.

Get vertical.

Don’t forget that shiplap can be installed vertically! Try installing your shiplap vertically to make a room feel much taller and larger. 

Make things breezy.

Add crisp white shiplap to your laundry room and entryways to add a cool and coastal vibe that feels breezy and inviting like a warm summer day. 

Try a new stain.

If your home is lacking natural elements, apply shiplap and pick your favorite stain shade to incorporate more earthy and natural tones. 

Don’t overlook hallways.

Since hallways are small and often just passed through quickly, they can be forgotten! Take a weekend to knock out a DIY project and install shiplap to your hallways to add charming elements to your home. 

You can find shiplap planks at your local Lowe’s for your next DIY project. We want to see your fresh and updated take on shiplap! Snap photos of your shiplap upgrades and share them on social media. Tag us at #finishedinspirations to be featured on our page!