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After embracing the popular trend of minimalism for many years, homeowners are now shifting their interior design goals towards maximalism. Not necessarily maximalism in terms of owning more and having unnecessary clutter, but maximizing and embracing intricate architectural details throughout the home.  Parisian design is an interior design style that perfectly incorporates charming architectural details […]

Incorporating Parisian Design Into Your Home

December 14, 2022

This kitchen feature is one that brings convenience into your daily cooking life. What if we told you that you could take this kitchen feature, and turn it into the centerpiece of your kitchen?

How To Turn Your Kitchen Island Into a Statement 

December 8, 2022

Last month we were honored and excited to be featured with a spotlight for our first TV debut on an episode of Designing Spaces on Lifetime TV! Designing Spaces travels across the country highlighting a variety of home improvement projects step by step for the DIYer. Our spotlight helped to educate homeowners on how to […]

Our Designing Spaces Debut!

lifetime tv designing spaces

November 17, 2022

Is your taste more classic farmhouse or modern farmhouse? Read on as we break down the two warm-hearted and inviting design styles!

The Key Differences Between Classic and Modern Farmhouse Design

November 4, 2022

Calling all DIYers, if you’re looking for your next home improvement project – just look up! While floors get constant attention, ceilings can often get overlooked for a makeover.

A Guide To DIY Shiplap Ceiling

October 25, 2022

The Fortitude Wainscoting kit offers the look of a raised panel wall covering with easy and fast installation. This product is a wainscoting kit packaged up in a box, it doesn’t get much easier than that to add simple elegance to any room in your home!

Simple and Easy DIY Wainscoting

October 20, 2022

When it comes to the customization of interior design around your home, you don’t have to rely on furniture or decorations, you can customize your home’s architectural elements.

How To Customize Your Moulding

October 6, 2022

When it comes to finishing touches around your home, attention to detail makes all the difference. Whether your style is big and bold or minimal and understated

Different Moulding Styles 

September 16, 2022

The romantic, nature-oriented style of cottage core is taking over the design world, and you don’t want to miss this trend.

How to Design a Cottage Core Home

cottage core home

August 26, 2022

Looking to renovate or upgrade your home? Unsure of whether to purchase pre-painted trim or do it yourself?

5 Benefits of Pre-Painted Trim and Moulding

pre-painted moulding from Lowes Home Improvement

July 26, 2022